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Those of us who like nothing so much as a hardware store that offers old-fashioned DIY advice must now stop our whining. Because the who work at Six Points Hardware are so nice and so helpful that we sometimes wonder if we've stumbled onto the set of an Any Griffith show rerun. Sure, they sell lumber and nuts and bolt and paint and power tools, just like a hardware store is meant to do. But what sets Six Points apart is the warm-hearted help we always get from the staff here. We recently were advised against buying a particular type pf paintbrush to go with the interior flat latex we were purchasing - and the brush the nice clerk recommended cost less than the one we were going to buy! Sometimes we call just to ask a home improvement question, and we're never disappointed by the advise we receive - even when we're not shopping at this down-home, well-stocked, friendly hardware store. 





Our staff come to work smiling and are happy to serve you. They have a passion for customer service and it shows..

Six Points Hardware strives to create a working environment conductive to both personal and Corporate growth and prosperity. 

Six Points Hardware's relationship with employees, co-workers, and customers is built through communications, honesty, integrity and dedication.

Our dedication to our customers and service is unparalleled, We pledge to provide the best product selection, product knowledge, value, and the highest level of customer service satisfaction in our industry. We believe the future measure of our success in our ability to respond rapidly to ever-changing customer requirements. We're committed to providing quick turn around on delivery of innumerable items, making us a one-stop shop for contractors and industrial customers alike.

We Will continue our endeavor for excellence, and remain an integral, vital member of our community as we have for more than 67 years. We strive not only to know our business, but our customers' as well.